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The Eco pioneer in 21st century

No cooking, no driving, no TV, no hot bath……can you image a life like this?

A British lady Joan Pick says, she is pretty good with this. In fact, she has been doing this for more than 35 years.

Pick was a scientific advisor of energy industry, she realized that the energy consumption is immensity, she started her low carbon life to prove that people can still live a good life without the great waste of energy.

 She started her new life and have been doing this for more than 35 years.

Over the years Pick eats only raw vegetables and never light on the oven, and she never uses the washing machine, car, gas or the heating system.


As a writer and a marketing researcher, Pick lives a really busy life. But busy as she is, she still does not forget to exercise every day. After a 3 or 4 hours work, she will go out for a 2 hours running for buck up. Every night she’ll do a lot of aerobic exercises such as boating and spinning. Before she gets into bed, skipping and hula-hooping help a great sleep.

When asking if the living style of low carbon is annoying, Pick says, everyone is in the different position in the society, and I am a pioneer.

They are endangered–Sumatran Rhinoceros

At first glance, you might think that it is a just normal rhino, but the fact is that there are only less than 25 of them still live on our earth.


The Sumatran rhinoceros are covered with gray-brown fur and rocky hide, they deep fold around the neck, behind the front legs, and before the hind legs give the rhinoceros an armor-plated appearance. As one of the strongest animal in their living area, they seldom meet a enemy. Besides they got their undefeated weapons—the horns, and the horns are not one but two. The Sumatran rhinoceros are the only Asian rhinoceros with two horns. Both sexes of rhinos have horns.


In fact the Sumatran rhinoceros have no predators, except for humans.

The remaining survivors are only found in Indonesian and Malaysian rain forests. Though they are under the good protecting as the endangered animal by the government and the environmentalists. It is still a fact that human has destroyed the environment that Sumatran rhinoceros need.

Five tips of live a low carbon life

Low carbon life, is not only for the health of us, but also for the health of our world. As a tribe group of “low-carbon”, how could you miss all this?

Tip No.1

Low carbon trip, try public transport but not private cars.

What is the best way of going out? The answer is no longer “By car”. In fact choose not to drive your own car once a month will help you decrease a 9.8 kilograms carbon emission per year. If you travel, try to avoid driving a car. The public transport such as bus, subway or even ride a bicycle would be a good choice.

Tip No.2

When you are shopping, try not to buy the over-packaged produces. The carbon emission of the paper that used to package is a large number. The production of 1 kilogram paper contains 3.5 kilograms carbon emission, and it is disposable.

Tip No.3

Disposable things might be clean and healthy, but actually they are not as good as you think. They are not only unclean and unsanitary, but also a waste of energy. The Oil that we use to produce them is also disposable. Stop using the disposable things such as disposable paper cups, disposable tooth brushes and disposable bags.

Tip No.4

If you leave your computer unused for a short time, but don’t want to turn it off. The “sleep” button on the key board can do you a favor. Turn your computer into the sleep mode can save 50% energy.

Tip No.5

Replace the incandescent lamps in your house with the energy saving lamps. The energy consumption of the incandescent lamps is 20 times as the energy consumption of the energy saving lamps