7 tips on Car Donations

Money donation is actually one of the many means. Car donations have become more and more popular way of donating, as you can see in many charities.

IF you are going to donate your car, here are some easy to follow 7 steps which will be of great help when you donate your car.

  1. Get the max that you actually can and are allowed by the specific law in your donation.
  2. Make sure the all the questions listed on the tax deduction paper of the car donation is all clear to your mind.
  3. Make sure you will get a valid certificate or receipt form the charity which you donate your car. If you don’t got a valid receipt for your donation, in a legal perspective your car donation action hasn’t taken place ever.
  4. If the car you are going to donate has the value of more than 500 dollars, you need to fill in an IRS form.
  5. Make sure everything and every processing steps are clearly documented in case some unnoticed or happenings may occur which may stand in the way of your car donations.
  6. If the car you are going to donate has the value of more than $5000, you need to have an appraisal which is away form both you and your charity, you need to make this process in no question.
  7. Take good photos of your car so as to keep a well record of the donation in case any question may bring about in future.

If bear those tips in mind , you will avoid of making some small mistakes and make you and the charity as well benefit from the donations you make.