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Children's day

The best gift at Children’s day–A world without pollution

Our world is ruled by the adults, but have they really grown up?


They are blinded by money and ignored every other factors. When they finally open their eyes they will find out what is happening in the world.



Vehicles were created to provide the faster traffic. Factories were build to offer more products.

But with the economy grows stronger and stronger, our earth is becoming weaker and weaker.




Save the world, Save the kids.






What is the ideal world in chindren’s eyes?



London Olympic Games

Britan’s got a bowl


This BOWL can even feed a giant baby (take a large amount of people).

In fact, this London bowl is the nick name of the newly build London Stadium.

London Olympic Games

The basic design has made the natural daylight been fully used

Now, this big bowl is becoming the new landmark of London and it is a pioneer of the energy conservation.