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They are endangered–Sumatran Rhinoceros

At first glance, you might think that it is a just normal rhino, but the fact is that there are only less than 25 of them still live on our earth.


The Sumatran rhinoceros are covered with gray-brown fur and rocky hide, they deep fold around the neck, behind the front legs, and before the hind legs give the rhinoceros an armor-plated appearance. As one of the strongest animal in their living area, they seldom meet a enemy. Besides they got their undefeated weapons—the horns, and the horns are not one but two. The Sumatran rhinoceros are the only Asian rhinoceros with two horns. Both sexes of rhinos have horns.


In fact the Sumatran rhinoceros have no predators, except for humans.

The remaining survivors are only found in Indonesian and Malaysian rain forests. Though they are under the good protecting as the endangered animal by the government and the environmentalists. It is still a fact that human has destroyed the environment that Sumatran rhinoceros need.
how to eat healthier

Healthy Living-control your blood sugar

You may know that eating whole grains, and the fiber they contain, are magic foods for those with diabetes. At a recent research, experts claims that just one serving a day of a whole-grain food brings down sugar levels after dinner. Foods, such as bread, pasta, and cereal made with one hundred percent whole grains, can let you feel full longer, give up cholesterol, alleviate inflammation, and make insulin more effective. This is a typical and suggestive way of western diet for the benefits of healthy eating.

For the editor Dale individually, eating whole-grain food may not be a joy as eating a well-done beefsteak, whilst the words form those researchers count in staying healthy, and we might as well reconcile it by nibbling the bread while appreciating the nutrient elements. So, not bad idea. To control blood sugar for elder people, it is helpful.

In fact, in China, what we have come into at dinner time may be much correlated with fat, like roast duck, pork with extra, cholesterol, and we hardly take whole-grain foods, like bread or something to be main meals. However, what people nowadays consider more on nutrient aspects, they including me are incline to buying whole-grain foods when shopping at the supermarket, they are a little expensive though, because they are healthy for life.

What you see is what you eat

Can you possibly make someone eat healthier? A recent article from the column of Environment and Behavior says university students hoping to eat healthier may seek to invest in a clear fruit bowl.

how to eat healthier

The recent study found that when fruits and vegetables are within arm’s reach, students are prone to eating them. At the same time, to make fruit and vegetables more visible help increase the intake of fruit, however, it is not the same for vegetables.

It also reveals that placing apple slices and carrot cuts in nearer proximity to someone who participate increased intake of these healthy foods. To make the foods more visible increased intake of apple slices but not carrot cuts, partly for the reason that fruits taste sweet and so may be more tasty to the eye than bitter-tasting carrots. These data, which show the results with experiments that the proximity and visibility of fruits and vegetables can have influences on intake of these foods, are initial and newly published.

“Apples, but not carrots, have sugar, which is known to stimulate brain reward regions that induce a ‘wanting’ for foods that contain sugar,” the authors wrote. “Hence, apple slices may be more visually appealing than carrots.”