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The Eco pioneer in 21st century

No cooking, no driving, no TV, no hot bath……can you image a life like this?

A British lady Joan Pick says, she is pretty good with this. In fact, she has been doing this for more than 35 years.

Pick was a scientific advisor of energy industry, she realized that the energy consumption is immensity, she started her low carbon life to prove that people can still live a good life without the great waste of energy.

 She started her new life and have been doing this for more than 35 years.

Over the years Pick eats only raw vegetables and never light on the oven, and she never uses the washing machine, car, gas or the heating system.


As a writer and a marketing researcher, Pick lives a really busy life. But busy as she is, she still does not forget to exercise every day. After a 3 or 4 hours work, she will go out for a 2 hours running for buck up. Every night she’ll do a lot of aerobic exercises such as boating and spinning. Before she gets into bed, skipping and hula-hooping help a great sleep.

When asking if the living style of low carbon is annoying, Pick says, everyone is in the different position in the society, and I am a pioneer.

Low carbon life, what to do with clothing

energy saving washing machine

1, do not buy additional clothes, for during the process of producing the clothes, transportation, and reproduction requires a large amount of energy, meanwhile it may produce wasted gas, water and other pollutions. On the basis of basic daily necessities, if every one unnecessary clothe may save 2.5 kg of stander coal, which equals to about 6.4 kg of CO2.

2. Choosing natural fabric clothing. Low-carbon denotes the low index of carbon emissions, which can be acted as a criterion to measure the maximum use age for the clothes according to the total amount of carbon emissions. Natural fabric clothing can be a healthy and functional choice.

3. Washing one clothe manually per month. With the development of our living standards, washing machines have already become our best tool for washing clothe, while we still can reduce the waste of electricity and water. It is estimated that if we wash clothe once per month, every washing machine may save up to about 1.4 kg of standard coal, which is about 3.6kg of CO2.

4.making the clothes be natural drying. If it is not that needy to wear the clothes, we can make them naturally dry instead of turn on your washing machine. In this case, it may reduce 2.3 kg of CO2 emissions.

5. Saving 1 kg of washing powder. Washing powder is our daily necessity, while it may be wasted often in our daily lives. If properly used, 0.28 kg of CO2 may be reduced.

6. Choosing a energy saving washing machine. For a energy saving washing machine may save relatively 50% of the electricity and 60 % of the water compared with the ordinary one. That’s a ideal way of both saving your money and living in an eco-friendly way.

This stat may not be directly functional at sight, but Dale thinks it must be a pretty good way for our life in a long run.

how to eat healthier

Healthy Living-control your blood sugar

You may know that eating whole grains, and the fiber they contain, are magic foods for those with diabetes. At a recent research, experts claims that just one serving a day of a whole-grain food brings down sugar levels after dinner. Foods, such as bread, pasta, and cereal made with one hundred percent whole grains, can let you feel full longer, give up cholesterol, alleviate inflammation, and make insulin more effective. This is a typical and suggestive way of western diet for the benefits of healthy eating.

For the editor Dale individually, eating whole-grain food may not be a joy as eating a well-done beefsteak, whilst the words form those researchers count in staying healthy, and we might as well reconcile it by nibbling the bread while appreciating the nutrient elements. So, not bad idea. To control blood sugar for elder people, it is helpful.

In fact, in China, what we have come into at dinner time may be much correlated with fat, like roast duck, pork with extra, cholesterol, and we hardly take whole-grain foods, like bread or something to be main meals. However, what people nowadays consider more on nutrient aspects, they including me are incline to buying whole-grain foods when shopping at the supermarket, they are a little expensive though, because they are healthy for life.