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They are endangered–Sumatran Rhinoceros

At first glance, you might think that it is a just normal rhino, but the fact is that there are only less than 25 of them still live on our earth.


The Sumatran rhinoceros are covered with gray-brown fur and rocky hide, they deep fold around the neck, behind the front legs, and before the hind legs give the rhinoceros an armor-plated appearance. As one of the strongest animal in their living area, they seldom meet a enemy. Besides they got their undefeated weapons—the horns, and the horns are not one but two. The Sumatran rhinoceros are the only Asian rhinoceros with two horns. Both sexes of rhinos have horns.


In fact the Sumatran rhinoceros have no predators, except for humans.

The remaining survivors are only found in Indonesian and Malaysian rain forests. Though they are under the good protecting as the endangered animal by the government and the environmentalists. It is still a fact that human has destroyed the environment that Sumatran rhinoceros need.